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Introducing Blogging Guide’s latest course designed to help Substack writers create, operate, and monetize their newsletter

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Substack makes it simple for a writer to start an email newsletter that makes money from subscriptions.

The publishing platform has gained much of its media attention from high earning, “celebrity” writers.

However, there is a growing “Substack middle class” that is emerging as part of the broader rise of…

Which platform is better for the needs of creators in the passion economy?

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Creators, including writers, photographers, and artists, are always looking for new ways to reach their target audiences, grow their networks, and make a living. Among the platforms that are helping to provide these opportunities are Patreon and Substack.

While different, both these websites have managed to attract creators looking for…

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15 tips for publishing a successful Substack newsletter

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Substack is an amazing opportunity for writers looking to monetize their writing. However, creating a successful Substack newsletter is much more complex than writing traditional blog posts.

If you post on Medium, there are several resources that you can read, which provide you with actionable writing tips.

Creating a Medium…

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How to write Substack newsletter posts on your phone

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One of the only features that Substack does not currently have, that I wish were implemented, is the creation of a mobile app.

As many bloggers can attest, writing increasingly is taking place outside of the traditional office, desktop/laptop, and stationary desk configuration.

Many writers are balancing multiple jobs, and…

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What is Substack?

Substack is a subscription email newsletter platform designed for small publishers, who want to option to charge readers for access to certain content in their newsletter.

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If you are a writer publishing on Substack, the one question you have certainly asked yourself is:

“How can I increase the paid subscribers for my Substack newsletter?”

Below are 17 strategies that I have personally utilized to reach 250+ paying subscribers to my newsletter Blogging Guide.

1. Offer Paying Subscribers Clear & Instant Value

When you sign…

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Create multiple Substack newsletters using the same account

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If you have successfully created your first Substack newsletter, you may be wondering:

Is it possible to create multiple Substack newsletters under the same account?

The answer is yes. You can create multiple Substack publications under the same account.

Step 1.

Login to your first Substack newsletter. you must already be logged…

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