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  • Jeremiah Wagstaff

    Jeremiah Wagstaff

    Chief Hacker at Subspace Labs

  • Eric Greenstein

    Eric Greenstein

    Product at Abnormal Security. Formerly at Tanium, Box, and Apple, Stanford, and Brown. I write more at: https://convexthoughts.substack.com.

  • Harshit Sharma

    Harshit Sharma

    Designer by Chance, Developer by Choice | Data Scientist | https://intuitiveshorts.substack.com/

  • Adelene


    Crypto enthusiast. Privacy and security advocate. Obsessed about productivity, self-development, and finance. Learn about crypto on comprehend.substack.com

  • Brent Jensen

    Brent Jensen

    Writing about the creator economy at https://goodwillfactories.substack.com/

  • Wei-Ting Yap

    Wei-Ting Yap

    Hacker, brand strategist & product manager. APM ’21 @ Uber. Helping students break into tech @ breakintotech.substack.com | weitingyp.xyz

  • JD Tyler

    JD Tyler

    | Disciple | Youth Minister| | https://crosstalk.substack.com

  • Fidel


    Copywriter during the day, estudiante de biología por las tardes, escritor de a momentos. https://diariodeunrobot.substack.com/

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